About Us

Hi, my name is Robyn and I am the owner of Hugs and Kisses Dog Grooming. You might guess by the name of my business that I am absolutely mad about grooming and dogs. I am a professionally trained dog groomer with loads of patience and enthusiasm and a love for all our four legged friends.

My professional home based salon is fully equipped and is a peaceful, calm environment for those who can become anxious during their groom. Mobile groomers who work road side and busy grooming salons can both be noisy environments which can be stressful for your pet. The only noises your dog will hear at Hugs and Kisses Dog Grooming will be our relaxing music, the noises associated with their own groom and the birds chirping. I take the time to discuss your expectations and then work with your dog, tailoring the experience to meet both your and your dog’s needs. You will know they have enjoyed their visit by the way they leave with their tail in the air wagging.

Hugs and Kisses Dog Grooming Salon has been certified by the IPG, International Professional Groomers Inc, to be CSP, Certified Salon Professional and CPG, Certified Professional Groomer. These certifications were attained after undertaking practical and theoretical assessments. To clients this certification provides assurance that your pet will not only be professionally groomed but also will be safely handled and restrained by a professional with First Aid knowledge and canine behaviour and handling expertise. At Hugs and Kisses Dog Grooming, I also believe in ongoing, never ending training. One-on-one refresher courses with Master Groomers, attendance at Grooming Competitions and Seminars, it doesn’t stop. My ongoing professional training means that I can assure you of the very best.

I would love to discuss your grooming needs with you, so

Please call or text me on 0438 133 173

Skin and Coat Care

At Hugs and Kisses Dog Grooming, we believe that taking care of your dog’s skin and coat is an essential element of their groom. Did you know that dogs have very fragile skin which is why they need their coats to protect their skin. At least 12% of your dog’s body is comprised of their skin. Well maintained skin and coat go a long way towards keeping your dog healthy and happy.

Before your dog is bathed or groomed a complete analysis of their skin and coat is performed. We have a selection of speciality shampoos available for matted coats, shedding coats, dry coats, dirty coats, sensitive skin, itchy skin, the list goes on. After determining your dog’s skin and coat type, the appropriate shampoos will be used.

There is nothing more important than maintaining the condition of your dog’s coat. Always after shampooing, your dog’s coat will be conditioned to ensure that moisture is sealed in and the skin is protected. This minimises coat becoming dry and hair becoming brittle and breaking which puts fragile skin at risk.

Please call or text me on 0438 133 173

Now Available!

The Nagayu CO2 Bathing System, a skin therapy treatment for pets which helps with skin problems such as skin irritation, hot spots, yeast build up, flea and tick bites, warts, odour, dandruff and dry skin!

Please call or text me on 0438 133 173

Dog Grooming Services

Small to medium sized dogs only

Beautiful soap-free, naturally based and PH balanced, shampoos and conditioners are used which are free from toxic chemicals. A range of shampoos and conditioners are available to accommodate varying skin requirements.

Please call or text me on 0438 133 173

Bath and Blow Dry

From $20

A warm bath and blow dry. Your dog will come home smelling fresh and feeling so, so soft and cuddly.

Mini Groom

From $40

A Mini Groom is useful between full grooms. Included is a warm bath and blow dry as well as ears cleaned, nails clipped and a touch up trim either with clippers or scissors around the face, feet and bottom.

Full Groom

From $60

The works !! A warm bath and blow dry, full body clip and hand scissoring as well as ears cleaned and nails clipped.

Deshedding Groom

From $40*

This groom is ideal for dogs that shed a lot of hair but don’t need a clip. Deshedding will remove the dead hair found at the base of the coat and will reduce shedding at home. This groom consists of a warm bath and blow dry, ears cleaned, nails clipped and a touch up trim either with clippers or scissors around the face, feet and bottom as well as deshedding.

* Additional costs may be incurred for heavily matted dogs.


"Great groomer. Place is lovely and clean. Relaxing doggie music played while your pet is being attended to. Our dog Bella was treated like royalty. She loves it."

Angus Falconer

Highland Park

"Amazing service from the quick response when booking to the reminder text for those who are forgetful. Robyn does an amazing job. My boy comes home looking and smelling like a million dollars even with a little bow tie on."

Kylie Fishmann

Highland Park

"Robyn is amazing. My beautiful Daisy loves her."

Janet Parke

Highland Park

"Highly recommend. Lovely owner, she is always kind and patient also affordable. Does a very high quality job for my fur baby and finishes her work with a cute little bow."

Beck Tregenza

Highland Park

"Amazing groomer, very polite, 1 – 1 with your dog so your dog gets all the care they need. Good prices. Will definitely be going again."

Jason Trapp

Highland Park

"With every other groomer, my dogs are nervous and anxious to the point where they almost can’t be groomed. With Robyn, it is different. Robyn is calm and caring and my dogs seem to pick up on this. I am not going to take them anywhere else"


Highland Park

"I can’t be sure, but I think my dog smiles when I pick him up after his grooming session with Robyn"


Highland Park

Please call or text me on 0438 133 173


Phone number: 0438 133 173